Situated in the heart of Chianti, the farmhouse boasts its origins from an ancient late-medieval mill for grinding grain and it is worthy of the first license granted in this area.

The rooms, all decorated in details and furnished in the Tuscan style of the late eighteenth century, are all different from each other. All rooms are equipped with private facilities, SAT-TV, safe, Wi-Fi connection. Some are located inside the central building, others externally.




 In the building that was once the tower of the building, today is the room called "Torretta". Inside, a huge log of wood, which acts as supporting beam of the roof, stands out in the middle of the room. From the top of its position, the "Little Tower" overlooks the entire complex and dominates the soft hills of the surrounding landscape.

In the ancient manor houses, the possession of the tower was a distinctive trait, symbolizing the importance and the power of the occupants.