By restoring the ancient medieval millraces, was born Aqualis. This is a natural park of 7 swimming-pools that are communicating each other and that re-create the ancient path of the natural spring waters. There is the river, 150 mt long, where you can swim against the stream or take long walks into the water. There is the lake, the waterfall , the wide whirlpool tub, the great central pool and the circular one, 4 mt deep, where you can take plunges and then there is the beach with shallow waters where you can sunbath yourself into the water. In this pool there is a new, natural, salt-water treatment system: the water is slightly salty and is beneficial for your skin, even for the most sensitive and delicate skins. 



  The first millpond, originated by diverting the Staggia river course, was surrounded by imposing walls. Nowadays here takes place the bar-self-service, where it’s possible to see, at the end of the room, that was once called “the pietraia”, the natural filter that the men’s hard work raised against the waters. Then the waters were diverted into the second great millpond, excavated into the ground and located just where nowadays is the big central pool. The irregular shapes of the pools reproduce the ancient paths that were once created in a natural way by the overflowing of the millponds.

At the end of the river there is the second “pietraia”. From here the spring waters play into the lake and feed all the pools path. All this is plunged into one of the most beautiful landscape of the Chianti share.


Opening hours: 9.30 a.m. - 7.00 p.m. (everyday)
Info number: 3246848099