Aqualis Pools

From the renovation of the ancient gore of the medieval mill came Aqualis, a park of seven pools, all communicating with each other

Aqualis Pools

From the renovation of the ancient gore of the medieval mill came Aqualis, a park of seven pools, all communicating with each other, that recreates the ancient path of spring waters. The "river" a 150-meter-long pool with alternating currents, is ideal for long walks in the water or for swimming enthusiasts; this flows into the waterfall, a circular pool in which it is possible to have your shoulders massaged by the water sliding along the stones.

The large rectangular pool allows you to swim with great freedom and connects the pools around it: the diving pool, equipped with a diving board and 4 meters deep, the whirlpool and the "mushroom" waterfall, designed to provide maximum relaxation. The small beach with the shoreline is perfect for sunbathing in the water and for children, even the youngest. 

The first gore, fed by the diversion of the waters of the Staggia river, was surrounded by imposing retaining walls which today house the bar premises. At the back of the room, visible through a large window, there is what was once the "pietraia", the natural filter that the effort of men opposed to the waters to retain the debris before they entered the first gora; from this, the waters were diverted to the second large millpond, dug into the ground, and located on the site now occupied by the central basin of the swimming pools; the irregular shapes of the latter exactly reproduce the ancient paths that were once created, in a natural way, when the millpond "filled with water", from which the Latin name Aqualis, gave way, flooding the surrounding land. Finally, at the bottom of the river there is the second "stone pit", from which spring water flows which, flowing into the lake, feeds the entire complex. All immersed in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Sienese Chianti.

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